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Cambridge-Combustion Institute Summer School


The programme is designed to offer early-stage researchers deeper insight into combustion science and its application, and to foster long-lasting connections within the combustion community. Our consultation has identified the need to develop researchers who can innovate and contribute effectively in the face of challenges that overlap more than one specialism. In order to develop the requisite cross-disciplinary perspectives, we offer a common programme for all participants. The programme integrates intensive lecture courses with hands-on activities, drawing together experimental, theoretical and computational specialisms. 

The level of tuition is appropriate for graduate students at the start of their research degree, or for post-doctoral or industrial researchers transitioning into the field of combustion. The extent of the tuition is sufficient to equip participants with essential insight to confidently engage in further independent study of any of the topics covered, and to communicate meaningfully across disciplines. 

The educational programme is structured with two main lecture courses running in the morning-time through the week. Afternoon activities are designed to provide experience in the application of relevant methods. Evening seminars provide perspectives on industrial applications and on career pathways relating to combustion science. A full day is provided for hands-on activities, including a workshop on instrumentation and control of gas turbine combustion systems hosted at the Engineering Training Centre of Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd. in the nearby city of Lincoln. 

  am break pm break evening
Sun 7         Reception 
Mon 8 chemical kinetics and laminar flames (Alison Tomlin, Leeds University)   practical: computational tutorials   Expert Panel 1: Fuels, combustion and all that carbon
Tue 9 optical diagnostics (Robert Barlow, Sandia National Labs)   Pechakucha workshop   Expert Panel 2: Technology trends
Wed 10

Group A - visit and simulators at Siemens

Group B - experimental bench training 
(PIV, PLIF, LDA, PDA, flame speed)


Group A - visit and simulators at Siemens

Group B - experimental bench training (PIV, PLIF, LDA, PDA, flame speed)

  Free evening
Thu 11

LES (Bill Jones, Imperial College)

DNS (Jackie Chen, Sandia National labs)

  CFD exercises   Expert panel - careers: start-ups, academia, industry and beyond
Fri 12 Engines (Christian Hasse, TU Darmstadt), Fires (Guillermo Rein, Imperial College)   adjourn    


Combustion Instrumentation and Control Systems Workshop (Group A)

A day-long package of ‘hands-on’ training is provided addressing combustion instrumentation and control systems in the context of industrial gas turbines. The workshop is hosted at the Engineering Training Centre of Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd. Participants will follow a programme developed over four years for PhD students from Cambridge, Oxford and Loughborough Universities within in the UK’s Doctoral Training Centre for Gas Turbine Aerodynamics. Using professional simulators for gas turbine operation, and handling production hardware, the workshop provides a perspective on real-world performance and operation of combustion plant. Travel to and from the Siemens site is provided. Numbers are limited to 30, and attendance must be approved by the host organisation. 


Combustion Imaging and Velocity Measurement Workshop (Group B) 

A day-long hands-on workshop on combustion imaging and velocity measurement in conjunction with LaVision UK ltd. The training provided utilises leading commercial systems produced by LaVision, however the key learning outcomes are applicable to systems from any manufacturer.