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Cambridge-Combustion Institute Summer School


These wonderful graduate students and post-docs have donated many hours to bring together the practical exercises, and to shepherd people between the IfM and Main Site. 

Roberto Ciardiello

Roberto Ciardiello is pursuing his PhD on laser diagnostics of combustion instabilities. He organised the PLIF experiment, along with Rohit Pathania.







Luming Fan

Luming Fan has just finished his PhD on laser diagnostics and thermophosphors. He organised the experiment on strained flames.









Jenna Foale

Jenna Foale is doing her PhD on LES of combustion. She designed the cool T-shirts.</p>









Francesca de Domenico

Francesca is submitting her PhD thesis on instabilities and laser-induced grating spectroscopy today! She organised the laminar flame speed experiment, and helped with all around organising. She will be a fellow of Caius & Gonville College starting in October. 

Savvas Gkantonnas

Savvas Gkantonas is pursuing his PhD on simulations in combustion. He set up the exercise on Cantera, along with Christian MIttelbach.







James Massey

James Massey is finishing his PhD on CFD of combustion this week. He helped set up the CFD software for the demonstrations on Thursday.







Dante McGrath

Dante McGrath is working on his PhD on the propagation of flames through sprays. He and Luming Fan are organising the strained flame PIV experiment.








Rohit Pathania

Rohit Pathania is working on his PhD on optical diagnostics in combustion. He worked with Roberto Ciardiello on the PLIF experiment.



Michael Walker

Michael is finishing his MPhil as a Churchill Fellow at Cambridge. He is also the Cambridge representative on the bus to Siemens. He will be going back to the US Navy in the Autumn.